“Class five and co” 1


In october class 5  did a Cave Painting because we wanted to revise the topic of the Stone age man. For the painting we used vegetable and mineral colours: blueberry, beetroot, soil, ground coffee beans, charcoal, chalk, mint and melissa, geranium and rose petals, marigold and tomato paste. It was fun! 


In the school there are 2 swimming pools: one is for kids only, the other pool is for adults and for the people of the school. There are 4 basketball courts, but there is an arena where there is a soccer pitch and a basketball court. Then there is a gym where there are 2 basketball courts, a volleyball court and a soccer pitch. There is another football pitch and an athletics track.



Every year in  October the primary school have the “Castagnata” the “chestnut” party.  The “Castagnata” is a fantastic party, many people and parents of the school come. We eat chestnuts and have hot drinks. All the classes prepare something, for example this year we prepared collages of characters of stories we are reading in class. The classes  prepared Little Red Riding Hood. We also sang some songs.

Class 5 school timetable

In class 5 this year our timetable is:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Italian Italian Italian Italian English
Math Italian English Math Math
History Music Math Math Geography
English English Geography History Swimming
Art Science I.T. Music Lab
religion science P.G. English Lab


In the Primary school there are five classes.

In class one there are 14 kids, the teacher’s name is Cristina.

In class two there are 21 children, the teacher’s name is Chiara.

In class three there are 18 kids, the teacher’s name is Giulia.

In class four there are 16 children, the teacher’s name is Alessandra.

In class five there are 22 students, the teacher’s name is Ornella.

Apart from the classes we have many rooms: the photocopy room, the I.T. room, the teachers’ room, the headmaster’s office, the boys’ bathroom and the girls’ bathroom.

There is also a small kitchen garden for our projects.