” Class five and co” 3

Class 2 and 3 school trip. Dinosaurs: The Giants of Argentina. Class 2 together with class 3 and their teachers Chiara, Silvia and Giulia left on Friday 20 th of January at 9 o’clock to watch an exhibition of dinosaurs. This exhibition was in Centro Culturale Altinate San Gaetano in Padova. They saw skeletons, fossils and dinosaur teeth from Argentina and they saw the re -production of a herbivorous dinosaur. It was 8 metres tall and 38 metres long To re-build it they made a hole in the wall to put the tail in! Class 3 did laboratories of rock stratification. They went to the museum because they wanted to widen their knowledge of dinosaurs. They had a lot of fun. Group 2 and 3: Edoardo, Sara , Francesco Z , Matteo , Tosca , Claudio.

English Drama classes classes 4+5.

After the Christmas holidays, class 4 and 5 started the English theatre project and they do it every Friday. They have drama lessons in English. The classes divide into  two groups: one goes in class 4 with teacher Deborah and one goes in class 5 with teacher Maureen. They do that to learn English better acting out every day situations. GROUP 5: Aurora, Nicola, Greta, Lorenzo e Marcello.

History   Project class 4

The 19 th of January class 4 started this project with the English teacher, Maureen . They started this project because they wanted to develop their history knowledge. They were divided into 3 groups : Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians . They included a lot of information about their religions, art, lifestyle, art and architecture. The class illustrated all this with pictures and a map. Class 4 said it was a fantastic experience and they really enjoyed it. Group 4: Andrea L , Francesco S. ,Rossella , Maria , Alessandro.

School Trip Bassano del Grappa The 5 Senses of Animals..

On the 20/01/2017 class one went to Bassano del Grappa to see the exhibition of the five senses of animals.  When they entered they watched a mini video after they ate their snack. After they played many games for example: the touch game. They put their hand in a box and guessed the many things in the box. For them it was a beautiful experience and for them it was an experience to do again. Group 1: Elia, Andrea R , Margherita, Leonardo.