In giornalino della classe quinta “SUPER COOL FILIPPIN SCHOOL” ci intrattiene con un altro giornalino….BUONA LETTURA!!!


To prepare the body project we divided in 5 groups.

The first group was Nino, Ambra, Eliah and Elena they described the large intestine and the colon.

The second group was Emma, Regina, Cesare and Luca Martinello they described the mouth.

The third group was Alessia, Gaia Pulido, Leonardo and Jacopo they described the small intestine.

The fourth group was Bruno, Maia, Nicolò and Federica they described the stomach.

The fifth group was Gaia Lion, Luca Dalla Via, Matteo Marcolin and Matteo Zanella they described the cell.

From this project we learned that the cell can also connect to form large structures, that the stomach trasforms the bolus in substances and nutriments, that the small intestine has the job of breaking down the sugars and the proteins into solubile particles, that in the mouth the teeth cut up the food and from the last group we learned that the substances dissolved in water go in the large intestine, here they are absorbed in the blood and they and transported all over the body.

The substances that are not absorbed pass in the colon where they are transformed into faeces.


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